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Greetings from Daddaland:
Fluxus, Mail Art and Rubber Stamps

April 15 – May 29

Opening Night April 15th, 2010 at Stendhal Gallery - New York City

Ruud Janssen, Nisa Touchon, John Held Jr.
John and Ruud of the TAM archive gave lectures on Saterday related to mail art. (photo by Cecil Touchon)

Harry Stendhal of Stendhal Gallery with Cecil Touchon of Fluxus Laboratories (photo by Nisa Touchon)

Various Stamps by Picaso Gaglione (photo by Cecil Touchon)

Picasso Gaglioni, Larry Miller and Cecil Touchon (photo by Nisa Touchon)

Wall of Fluxus Stamps that will be in a forthoming book by Picasso Gaglione. (photo by Cecil Touchon)

Keith Buchholz, Melissa McCarthy, Alison Knowles and Darlene Domel.
Keith organized and coordinated the Fluxus performances for the evening. (photo by NisaTouchon)

Sarah Hinkley, Michael Abrams