Welcome to the New and Improved Smile Magazine. Smile Magazine is being reinvigorated with this on-line version of all new materials according to the post-dogmatist axiom “all time is the same time”. As fun as it is, we are going to open things up a bit to include something other than Monty Cantsin masturbating in his closet while writing about the experience by candle light and catching some of his cloths on fire or on the street naked while being beaten up by NYPD police officers and men dressed smartly in black in front of the republican convention.

We have not attempted to move all of the materials from previous editions of Smile Magazine from the servers as thing.de. After all, it was so much work and we are loathe to wear our selves out on needless tedium. Please see our link to archives for all past issues as they accrue here at smilemagazine.net.

About our new look… Don’t you love Monty´s vandalism of Marcel Duchamp´s mustache on the Mona Lisa (L.H.O.O.Q.)? He painstakingly retouched an original post card of Duchamp´s to remove the mustache and gotee and restore Mona Lisa’s smile for the header of our new magazine. I think it is quite brilliant. What is the significance of this act of revisionist history? I honestly am not sure and he won´t tell me but it is definitely something new. Otherwise we have kept the spirit of certain elements that have developed in previous incarnations of Smile Magazine by other of ourselves but will not waste money or paper sending out hard copies. Do the world a favor and don´t print anything off of this site.

You will have to satisfy yourself with a few minutes now and then of sneaking in some reading while in your pitiful little cubical  at work. But don’t think that you are participating in the revolution when you steal time from the boss. Your just being a miserable shit. If you want to participate then you must live dangerously, stand up right now, and quietly leave never to return letting your corporate, consumer dependent life collapse away and pick your self up from the remaining ruins and live a free and unencumbered life. Keep your shopping cart empty.